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A little book of blessings

When we stayed up until midnight to see in a new decade we had absolutely no idea how 2020 would unfold and what it had in store. Like many other people, a lot of my plans have been dramatically altered, the routine and structure of my week has been disrupted, the things I've taken for granted have suddenly seem very fragile and uncertain. Amid the cancelled plans, postponed dreams, new restrictions and sacrifices, one thing has remained steady, unchanging and constant-

I know that God is still faithful, He is still good, He is still in control, He is still loving.... and for that reason I still have hope.

This was my inspiration for "A little book of blessings". I wanted to pass on God's promises and blessings in this time of uncertainty. He is the LIGHT in my deepest darkness, my PEACE in the fiercest storm, He loves me with a LOVE that never gives up, He provides REST for my soul and gives me HOPE.

If you would like to buy a copy, the mini books are available from my Etsy shop.


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