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Illustrated Books

I have written, designed, illustrated and self published six mini books.

I have loved the challenge of seeing a whole project through from the initial idea to the printed product.


A little Book of Blessings

This little book was created during the first UK lockdown in 2020 and was written as an illustrated prayer. Over 6000 copies later, the words are still very relevant and remains one of my best sellers!  


A Little Book of Promises

A little gift book of illustrated scripture is a great reminder of God's love and promises. The images were created with a mixture of collage and Procreate on the iPad. Published in 2021.


Sally's Buttons

This little story is aimed at pre-school children and is based on the parable of the lost coin. A mix of fun, colourful images and simple text, created with a limited colour palette using paper collage. Published 2021.


A Very Special Night

This re-telling of the Christmas Story is written for pre-school children and it was my first mini book, it was first published in 2019 with an updated version in 2020. The artwork was created in paper collage and edited with Photoshop. 


The Greatest Thing

The inspiration for this story stemmed from a personal challenge where I set the goal of creating a different character every day for 100 days. The animals that I chose for this little book were some of my favourites. They were all made with crayons and paper collage, which were scanned and edited in Photoshop. 


A Little Book of blessings to Colour

This little book is a colouring book version of the original Little Book of blessings, it has some extra scripture references and space to doodle or journal as well as images to colour. Published in 2022.

Etsy review - A little book of Promises

These booklets are really beautiful, a great reminder of the goodness of God. The text and pictures are simple and effective. Can’t wait to give as gifts to encourage friends. 

Etsy review - A little book of Blesings

An absolutely stunning book with beautiful illustrations.

Review for Sally's Buttons

My daughter loves it! She calls it her special bookand keeps asking for Sally. We have read it a lot ...

all images © Jacqui Grace

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