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Christian Colouring Books

I created my first Christian colouring book in 2015.

I have always found it easier to meditate and remember scripture by writing the words down, and as I ponder them I often fill the page with illustrations and doodles. My first illustrations were rough and simple and for personal use only.

Eventually I began to share some of these images on Instagram, God's timing is perfect because this was also around the same time that the adult colouring book craze was just beginning to take off.

The idea of creating a colouring book based on these doodled scriptures quickly gathered momentum and in partnership with Just Cards Publishing we launched the first book Images of Grace in 2015.

This is making me feel hungry!_#cupcakes #afternoontea #teapot #inkdrawing #adultcolouring

Images Of Grace was followed by Images Of Hope (2016) and

Images Of Joy (2017)

Just Cards Publishing

These three books were also published in the US by Bethany House, and in Singapore by Wild Olive Branch. 

Words of Grace (2016) is a colouring devotional combining illustrations these books, with thoughts and meditations by Dee Arrand. (JCP)


Recently people have become more aware of the fact that creativity is good for the soul, beneficial to our mental health and a great way to relax. I believe that because we are created in the image of Creator God, we can connect with Him in a deeper way through being creative. and so my heart for these books was always that they would be a tool that helped people understand scripture, and spend quality time with God. 

This sparked the idea of creating a colouring journals which delve a little bit deeper into scripture with creative ideas and journalling suggestions, Exploring the Psalms (2020) and Exploring Proverbs (2023). Published by Just Cards Publishing

I also had the opportunity to provide 32 illustrations and creative prompts for an NIV Bible for Journalling and Creative Contemplation, launched in 2022 by Hodder Faith.

An inside page from the NIV Bible for Journalling and creative contemplation_

Amazon review - Images of Grace

It is a wonderful way to meditate on a beautiful bible verse while coloring.

Amazon review - Images of Hope

I have been going through a very stressful time recently and I found this colouring book so therapeutic and could feel a noticeable difference in my mood and stress levels when I had been colouring in this book

Amazon review - NIV Bible

I love this Bible so much that I brought two. I’ve never studied/journaled in a Bible before, but this has really inspired me to take my time and get creative. 

all images © Jacqui Grace

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