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"What's the one thing you say you could NEVER do?"....

...that was the question asked by the speaker at a Christian event I attended last summer. For me, the answer was obvious, the one thing I avoid at all costs is speaking in front of people. It's something that terrifies me.

Recently though, I've come to realise this fear has become a kind of giant that limits and controls me, my decisions and my actions. It has far more power over me than it should. I've let this fear become bigger and have more influence over my life than God. And that can't be a good thing!

I'm listening to the Rend Collective song called "Giants" a lot at the moment...

"Every giant will fall, the mountains will move.

Every chain of the past, you've broken in two.

Over fear, over lies, I'm singing the truth,

that nothing is impossible with you"

And so, slowly (and often not very elegantly) I'm taking little steps to fight back.

But last week I took quite a huge leap and did something that was a long way out of my comfort zone.... see the link below!

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