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It is two years ago this month that I first started to doodle designs based around scripture verses. My first attempts were nothing to shout about, they were just simple, quick doodles that I created as a way of helping me to explore and remember a Bible verse.

Looking back at my sketchbooks two years later still makes me smile because I see in those first scribbles the fun and spontaneity and simple delight of creating something. It has caused me to think about the creative process and about the fact that there is often a pressure to produce something "perfect" that hinders us and holds us back.

I have decided to share a few of these early pieces in the hope that it might encourage others to have a go and not to be worried or anxious about the end result.

"Be still in the presence of the Lord" was one of my first doodles. Eventually (after a lot of reworking and redrawing) it became a colouring page in my first book "Images of Grace", but I still love the simplicity and freshness of this first scribble.

another early doodle

This one (left) is a design that never made it into a colouring book, but it is a quote I love and wanted to remember!

"His saving power and justice are the very clothes I wear"

I find that writing out a verse, or creating a piece of artwork, is a great way to remember scripture and to let the words sink in deeply!

And the final one I'll share is this verse,

"Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always"

..... a scripture that I come back to again and again!

I'm hoping to recapture some of this "freshness" and joy in my current work and to step away from the pressure and expectation that focussing on the end result sometimes brings. I hope that his encourages you to have a go too, and that you find the freedom to enjoy the process of creativity without being hindered by the fear of failure.

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